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WDP’s Social Work & Corporate Culture

At WDP, it all started as a family-run business. Today, we still hold those family values high, even though we’re now a publicly listed company and an industry market leader in the Benelux.

Corporate Culture: One #TeamWDP

A flexible, flat corporate structure goes hand in hand with an entrepreneurial and people-oriented DNA. Each and every one of our employees is part of one undivided #TeamWDP. We do everything we can to stimulate them, nourish their talent, and care for them.

Our social work and corporate culture is what defines us even more than our annual results and numbers. We’re all indispensable to make our company a success, and our mission, in terms of social responsibility, mimics that to the full.


Attracting and Retaining Talent


WDP grows continuously and is always on the lookout for the right talent. By integrating them into our company culture and matching for skills and values, we’re building a future-proof business that results in a resilient, warm atmosphere.

We always aim for a balanced mix of talent, culture, and personality when we hire people to join the family. We use objective selection procedures with an eye to diversity on all fronts.

WDP is striving for equal remuneration. We are disclosing our gender pay assessment. Read more about Gender Pay Indicators.


Our code of conduct for our employees strengthens our commitment to building a culture based on mutual respect, unwaning integrity, and high-standard ethics. Each and every one at #TeamWDP is required to respect this code, no matter their contract type or location. Read more about the WDP Code of Conduct.


100% of the Belgian employees, which accounts for 57% of the total workforce,  fall under collective bargaining agreements.  Our employees employed in the the other countries are not part of a collective bargaining agreement. 

Administrative staff - Joint Committee 200 | Workers - Joint Committee 124


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Stimulating Employee and Talent Development

Employee happiness is interwoven with the opportunity to develop oneself. By investing in the continuous development of #TeamWDP, we help our people feel good, grow, and expand their competences. There is a constant flow of upskilling happening, which improves our overall services.

However, employee development at WDP isn’t merely focused on on-the-job skills. Self-development and acquiring soft skills are equally important. This vision on versatile lifelong learning is what sets us apart. Read more about our Warehouse of Talent! Want to know more? Discover our Warehouse of Talent approach!

Read more about talent development at WDP.



By integrating new technologies, we improve corporate processes and stimulate a better cross-team and cross-border collaboration. That leads to a better quality of service for our clients.

Each project is supported by the most efficient approach and driven by innovative, digital tools that make a difference for clients and #TeamWDP alike.

Take WDP Xplore, for instance. This ground-breaking tool allows clients to discover our warehouses fully, virtually, through a 360° digital tour. It enables our people to bring their offerings to life, making their work easier and unique at the same time.Or our 100% digital and 100% personal client portal MyWDP that combines ease of use with operational efficiency!


Health and safety

The safety, health, and wellbeing of #TeamWDP, and all our different stakeholders, is paramount at every turn. We’re on a mission to optimize health, physical and mental well-being, including safety at work with a focus on specific risks and hazards in our industry.

All employees, regardless of their position, are committed to help identify and prevent these potential hazards. Together, we create a work environment that is fully secure, safe, healthy, and care-free.


The WDP HSES Team consists of property managers (at least one from each platform), a representative of the project managers, the prevention officer and the CTO, and rolls out an annual HSES Action Plan step by step. 

#HealthyAndSafe statement 








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