About WDP

"We create the space in which companies can shape their future."

We are logistics real estate specialists. We combine a strong in-depth knowledge of the market with years of experience. We think before we act. Expect nothing less than flexible and tailor-made answers to your problems, every time. Our activities, our values and the family character of our company are the hallmarks of our commitment, which is the most essential part of the WDP DNA.

Who is WDP?

WDP offers intelligent warehouse solutions with a focus on the development and letting of semi-industrial and logistical real estate.

  • Established in 1971
  • Own, develop and manage logistics and semi-industrial property
  • The family character of our company and values are the hallmark of our commitment
  • Warehouse rental market leader in the Benelux region
  • Our main fields of operation are in Belgium, the Netherlands and North of France. We continue to grow with new warehouses in Romania
  • > 4.500.000 m² of warehouse space
  • WDP has been listed on the Euronext stock exchange since 1999 in Brussels and since 2015 in Amsterdam

We believe that through co-creation and intense collaboration we can help your operations move faster, smoother and cheaper.

Our headquarters in Wolvertem (Belgium) enables us to respond in close proximity to our clients. Legal, finance, communications, project management, commercial profiles, and all other aspects - we value our specialists’ diverse experiences, perspectives and ideas. They are the brains that dedicate themselves to providing you with the perfect solution. Expect nothing less than a tailor-made answer to your problem, each and every time.

WDP achieves this through critical problem solving, short local decision taking and a focus on the total cost of your logistical infrastructure ownership.

Dynamic warehouses

Are you looking for a warehouse or distribution centre? Or does your company want to outsource its real estate to focus on core activities?

Whether you need a traditional warehouse or cross-docking, pharmaceutical or cold storage facilities, a GDP or TAPA certified warehouse, a data warehouse or any other type of storage facility, each warehouse or distribution centre is unique.

We rent out an extensive portfolio of well-situated semi-industrial real estate on a permanent or temporary basis. We make sure we understand your operational needs.

But we offer much more than creativity and permanent solutions:

  • Sale and rent back operations
  • Direct Acquisitions
  • Renovations
  • Redevelopments
  • Developments
  • Assets with development potential over medium-long term
  • Refurbishing existing buildings
  • Innovative use of the available space

In offering a standard height of 10 meters or more, in all our warehouses, stacking is more efficient. The available space is used to its maximum capacity allowing you to stack more goods in a smaller area.


We take up a prominent place on the logistical axis of Amsterdam-Antwerp-Brussels-Lille-Paris and a growing strategic portfolio in Romania.

Increasing congestion, time- and money- consuming public works, higher fuel prices... the environmental impact of these everyday problems threatens our future trade. There is a need for flexibility between transport methods, while goods have to be reloaded at traffic hubs. In some regions there are many different transport methods, combining and providing a broad range of transport services that ensure an efficient logistical flow. WDP consistently places its warehouses at those locations, where a connection between road, ship, rail and air transportation can be established. Modes can compete or complement one another in terms of cost, speed, accessibility, frequency, safety and comfort.

We follow the logistical heartbeat of Western Europe, home to a large concentration of consumers with a high disposable income. Together with its Belgian domestic market, WDP has chosen strategic locations in the Netherlands and the north of France. The Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta is of enormous economic importance, as the three rivers are major navigable waterways that allow for a multimodal infrastructure. From this strategic position, we continue to respond to increasing demand levels thanks to the presence of the international ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Our second growth area is south-eastern Europe, where we have warehouses in Romania.

WDP continuously provides well-insulated buildings using sustainable and renewable energy. In conjunction with well-considered energy use this results in greener warehouses and distribution centres and consequently to cheaper warehouses.

We differentiate ourselves by careful monitoring your utility costs. We calculate the cost savings of an existing warehouse by comparing its energy consumption, primarily lighting and heating.