Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the statutory manager De Pauw NV is made up of the following six members:

  • Mark Duyck, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Executive chairman.
  • Tony De Pauw, CEO
    He represents the reference shareholder, the Jos De Pauw family. 
  • Anne LeclercqIndependant director
    Director Treasury and Capital Markets at the Belgian Debt Agency. Expert in efficient financial management and general management.
Board of Directors
  • Frank Meysman, Independent director
    He has great international marketing experience and is therefore able to strengthen WDP's customer services.
  • Cynthia Van Hulle, Independent director
    Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. Expert with respect to Corporate Finance, restructuring and Corporate Governance.
  • Joost Uwents, CEO
    Together with Tony De Pauw, he constitutes WDP's management team.
Executive Management

Tony De Pauw is an executive director and CEO. He bears executive responsibility for:

  • investment policy (i.e. finding, studying and negotiating potential new acquisitions in the regions where WDP is active);
  • management of the property portfolio, specifically, defining the policy for the management of existing properties (maintenance, renovation and improvement work) in consultation with the facility managers;
  • project management, i.e. supervising current new build sites in conjunction with the project managers.
Executive Management

Joost Uwents is an executive director and CEO. He has ultimate responsibility for:

  • general management (i.e. day-to-day management of the WDP team);
  • financial policy and internal reporting. This includes cash management, receivables and payables, management of loans and interest charges, and reporting to the various levels in consultation with the CFO;
  • marketing, particularly preparing commercial campaigns aimed at current and potential clients, in conjunction with the marketing director;
  • commercial policy, i.e. devising a strategy to increase long-term occupancy rates, focusing on both current and potential clients. Mr Uwents works in conjunction with the various commercial directors;
  • investor relations, i.e. liaising with private and institutional investors through communications with financial analysts and journalists, as well as directly with the investors through road shows and other initiatives, together with the CFO.