Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Like any other company, WDP has a social obligation. As a leading property partner for the logistics sector, which has a major impact on prosperity and the environment, we are fully aware of our responsibility. That is why sustainable entrepreneurship has been a key pillar in the WDP strategy for many years.



Sustainability is not a luxury, but a vital part of our business model

Our customers expect their warehouses to meet, and where possible, exceed standard environmental performance criteria.

BREEAM criteria

  • A review of building’s energy consumption
  • Land use
  • Ecology
  • The construction process
  • Water consumption


  • Waste treatment
  • Lighting use
  • Equipment and materials
  • Health and comfort

BREAAM advantages

  • A transparent and easy to understand scoring system, supported by evidence-based research.


  • The positive impact on the construction, design and management of our warehouses.


  • Sets and maintains a technical standard with rigorous quality assurance and certification.