ADR warehouse

ADR warehouse

Your safe & secure ADR warehouse, by WDP

Store and distribute hazardous materials, hassle-free

The ADR treaty stipulates rules and regulations regarding the transnational transportation of hazardous materials. An ADR-compliant warehouse is your assurance of an end-to-end solution for your dangerous goods logistics. WDP safeguards the quality of your hazardous goods and ensures paramount safety across your supply chain infrastructure – providing peace of mind all through.

Fully compliant with ADR regulations

An ADR-compliant warehouse adheres to the strict guidelines laid out in the treaty, establishing safe supply chain operations while guaranteeing you secure requisite licensing and permit approvals related to warehouse specifications for handling dangerous goods. Your future ADR warehouse conforms to all the conditions of loading, unloading and handling hazardous goods in your distribution centre.

Combine safety with cost-efficiency

The team at WDP have the necessary skill-set required to design and build ADR-compliant warehouses for a wide range of industries. Our architects provide you with a warehouse design that not only guarantees maximum safety but operational excellence as well, built with keen attention to your specifications, aiming to surpass your expectations.

Only settle for the right combination of supply chain safety, operational efficiency and a cost-efficient approach to design and construction. Our experts are there to lead the way and offer the necessary guidance to help you achieve your goals through intelligent warehousing solutions.

NTG Logistics Klundert

Discover some of our ADR warehouses:

A 17,000 m² warehouse for logistics supplier NTG Logistics, specifically designed for ADR storage. This distribution centre ingeniously combines design, user-friendliness, efficiency and safety, with separate, coolable compartments for chemical goods storage, and rooms fitted with both sprinkler and CO2 fire extinguishing systems.

Action dreams big with this Big Box, XXL distribution centre we created, boasting over 72,200 m² warehouse space, 2,800 m² office space and 13,000 m² additional mezzanine. Developed to suit 2 ADR compartments for storing flammable goods complete with a foam fire extinguishing system. The exterior is well branded in Action’s typical brand identity.

High-end, TAPA compliant warehouse in Bornem, for logistics supplier DHL. 108,000 m² of storage built in multiple phases, with the latest one having been completed in 2019. Fitted with CCTV, access control, security systems and alarms. Includes an ADR warehouse of over 4,000 m² for the storage of hazardous goods, equipped with fire-resistant gates, liquid-tight floors, in-rack sprinkler and air extraction systems.

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