Director for the Netherlands, Rien van Ast, passes the torch on to Michiel Assink #TeamWDP

After over a decade, Rien van Ast has passed the torch on to Michiel Assink on 1 January 2018. This has brought a breath of fresh air into WDP. Although, Rien will still be around. In the interview with, the men delve deeper into their new roles and how they complement each other. We’ve outlined the most interesting quotes here.

Time for new management

Ten years ago, Rien van Ast (61) joined WDP as a general director and turned it into one of the fastest growing logistics and semi-industrial real estate developers. After just one decade, he was able to boost the real estate portfolio value up to 1.5 billion euros. Rien felt like this was the perfect time to pass the torch to the younger generation, “Based on the scope and all the related business, I decided that it was time for new management”.

Michiel takes the helm

Michiel Assink (41) was picked as the new general director. “I will stay in touch with the market, customers, and projects, as well as put a part of my time into the organisation’s further growth,” explains Michiel enthusiastically. “I grew up in a family business. In the case of WDP, two worlds met; the family company with the long-term focus and the listed company, like my previous employer. Beyond that, this company offers me extra dimensions and challenges. This is healthy and gives my energy and inspiration a boost.” You can read all about Michiel’s experiences and the challenges that he’ll be facing soon in the full interview.

New role for Rien

It’s no surprise that Rien has a new role within WDP. “My network and knowledge are still important to WDP,” explains Rien. “Moreover, changing jobs gives you a whole new, fresh look at an organisation,” he continues. “My heart is in projects and customer contact.” So, he will take on special projects: “The completion of projects and acquisitions suits me better now.”


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