Automated warehouse

Automated warehouse

Your optimized automated warehouse, by WDP

Reap the full benefits of a high-tech automated warehouse

The future of warehousing is here, now. Together, we can create an automated warehouse that, on the one hand, reduces costs and, on the other, boosts operational efficiency. The advantages of automating your warehouse are plenty – provided that you capitalize on technology appropriately.

Leverage WDP’s expertise and experience, and reap the full benefits of automation technology for your new distribution centre.

Warehouse automation: what is it and why is it the right move for you?

By adopting smart automation technology into your distribution centre, you partially or fully automate the flow of inventory into and out of your warehouse. Manual processes are kept at a minimum, improving the speed and efficiency of your operations.

Automation comes in many shapes and forms – from robotics to specialised software automation. Combine human intelligence with smart automation and create the warehousing environment that takes your operations to new heights.

The benefits of your automated warehouse

  • Increase your productivity and all-round efficiency;
  • Better utilization of your resources;
  • Reduce labour and operational costs, by minimizing manual processes;
  • Improve your customer service;
  • Reduce your handling and storage costs;
  • Lower the risk of human error in your supply chain.

Wehkamp in Zwolle

WDP: the human element in warehouse automation

Rely on #TeamWDP’s know-how to design and build an automated warehouse that is fully tailored to your logistical requirements.

Our experienced team comprises, among others, architects, engineers and consultants who work collaboratively to create your customized distribution hub, which allows you to fully capitalize on all the possibilities of your automation technology.

From digital to mechanical warehouse automation, WDP is the trusted go-to partner for all your automation needs

Some of our automated warehouses:

When this fully automated 53,000 m² e-commerce distribution centre for Wehkamp in Zwolle opened its doors, it was by far the largest of its kind. The building is BREEAM EXCELLENT certified and later expanded with another 57,000 m² warehouse. With its 10,000 m² mezzanine, luxurious finishes and impressive KNAPP installation, this distribution centre is a paragon of ambition and efficiency.

The brand-new global distribution centre for chocolate producer Barry Callebaut in Lokeren is an exceptionally ingenious, one-of-a-kind project. With over 60,000 m² of surface, this will be the largest chocolate warehouse in the world! The BREEAM OUTSTANDING certified facility, equipped with a low bay and a fully automated high bay with controlled temperature, is also fitted with large quantities of solar panels for maximum sustainability. For an optimal use of space, the building was vertically integrated. With ceilings reaching up to 40 metres, this high-rise has room for over 83,000 pallet spots.

This 20,250 m² warehouse – 2,300 m² of which is office space – for packaging and hygiene products supplier Bunzl has everything needed to implement a future-proof way of working. Abundant natural light, a roof terrace, hypermodern reach trucks, a modern green look: all these features contribute to workers’ on-the-job comfort, as do the fitness area and the company restaurant. The mechanization and automation of the 12-metre high aisles further add to the efficiency of a warehouse with outstanding qualities.

With 9,500 m² of freezing space, this fully automated high-bay cold store is an ingenious piece of work! This warehouse has a constant temperature of -23°C and has room for over 28,000 pallet spaces. Thanks to its fully automated packaging and replenishment processing systems, international bakery group Lantmännen Unibake has enhanced its delivery times and supply management efficiency.

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