WDP Trilogiport - Tempo Log

The advantages of Liège Trilogiport for Tempo Log

The WDP development designed to skyrocket logistics success

Logistics company Tempo Log – part of the French Tempo One Group – specializes in warehousing and distribution, with a razor-sharp focus on delivering a service that excels in agility, efficiency and results. With 140,000 m² of warehousing space spread out over several strategic locations in Belgium and France, they offer their clients top-notch logistical service.

Liège Trilogiport: the right accelerator for Tempo Log’s operations

Today, they’re the first who moved into WDP’s warehouse development at Liège Trilogiport, Port of Liège’s newest multimodal platform – a logistics hub bursting with potential that’s right off the third-largest European inland port.

Tempo Log has added a feather to its cap with a 23,000 m² large distribution centre at its disposal. A move in the right direction to sufficiently support its EU-wide operations, using a multimodal mix of railroad, road and waterway transportation.

Connecting operational needs to the right warehouse infrastructure

WDP was happy to oblige when Port of Liège recommended us to Tempo Log to assist them in creating the most ideal logistics hub that matches their strategy. First step: comprehensively identifying their needs, in order to customize and detail the best approach for the job.

The company was looking for the full package: to create a warehouse capable of handling 18,000 pallets with 40 boxes each, as well as a system for identifying, labelling and storing them in their designated shelves. Establishing the right procedures from day one, factoring in stringent security controls, was vital.

The advantages of choosing Liège Trilogiport

The Liège Trilogiport logistics hub boasts strategic geographical advantage and an enviable location, enabling intensive use of multimodal transport by rail, road and waterway. On top of that, the land is fit-for-use, free of any pollution and cleared for swift development.

Clients get access to a wonderful, blank canvas of real estate opportunity, allowing them to create the distribution centre that suits their every need. Possibilities are limitless, and with a fine mix of local government support and subsidies for economic development, your logistics hub is poised to increase its profitability. Interested corporations would be wise to seize the opportunity while it’s still there!

Working with WDP: a success story

The WDP experts took control of the project and fully engaged with Tempo Log’s teams. Looking back, the client was particularly pleased with #TeamWDP’s in-depth knowledge of procedures and regulation, detailed project management and the professional advice they received every step of the way.

Tempo Log is set to fully optimize its European operations, reaping all the benefits Liège Trilogiport has to offer, and a warehouse built to the highest standards with cutting-edge systems characteristic of WDP’s team of professionals.

Contact us for your logistics opportunity at Liège Trilogiport

Final plots at Liège Trilogiport are up for development starting today! Claim your spot at this multimodal logistics hub of the future: contact us to discuss your logistics strategy and needs.