Behind the scenes at Ceva Logistics and Medtronic in Heerlen

Two years ago, WDP built a new 40,000 m² distribution centre for Ceva Logistics, which has been managing the storage and distribution of Medtronic’s medical devices since August 2017. Another 10,000 m² have been added in January 2019. Site Manager David Serarols shows us around the DC and reveals the challenges of medical devices logistics.

Medical devices logistics

Ceva Logistics, a specialist in supply chain solutions, manages the new distribution centre straight across from Medtronic’s current European headquarters in Heerlen. “Ceva takes care of the reception, storage, order picking, packing, and shipping of medical device orders placed by European wholesalers and hospitals,” says David. “This includes things like surgical kits, medical devices such as neurostimulators and pacemakers, and all the spare parts that go with them.”

“Because we too are subject to the pharmaceutical industry’s GDP standards, this DC is a temperature-controlled warehouse and we use safety procedures and systems to maintain the temperature of certain products at all times.”

Energy-efficient DC

“WDP helped Ceva to make the new DC energy-efficient. We looked for sustainable solutions together with WDP’s high-level project and facility managers. We paid extra attention to the insulation of the site, the roof construction, the ventilation system, and sustainable heating whereby we need as little fossil fuel as possible. WDP recently installed solar panels on the roof to make maximum use of green energy.”

Expansion potential

“After 18 months, there are now four 12,500-m² units in use, totalling 50.000 m2 And that’s only half of the total site because there is enough expansion capacity foreseen to double the current DC. Medtronic has been growing tremendously in recent years and volumes are rising noticeably. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if we start using the entire available capacity, 100.000 m2, within the next five years.

Curious to see how things are going at Ceva Logistics and Medtronic? Watch the video and take a peek at what’s behind the façade.