WDP - Collect & Go Londerzeel

Collaborate, design, construct, and go for Colruyt Group’s Collect & Go services

Colruyt’s Collect & Go service makes grocery shopping easy for thousands of families around the country. Behind the service is a complex system of order picking, grocery collection, and purchase preparation.

In order to make life easier for Colruyt Group, WDP developed a state-of-the-art warehouse where the leading Belgian grocery retailer could optimize their logistical framework, while still keeping ample expansion opportunities for the future.

A look under the hood: the specs and resultsThe results of this distribution center are groundbreaking, having being developed in close collaboration with Colruyt Group’s own internal experts

  • A modern-day warehouse, fully branded in the Collect & Go look and feel.
  • Sustainable features enabling Colruyt Group to minimize its carbon footprint while lowering energy consumption.
  • A smart building design optimizing floor space and parking opportunities for staff.
  • A green combo of warehouse and cold storage space with re-use of energy.
  • Additional warehousing space for future deployment of automated supply chain management.

Enough talking, let’s look inside Colruyt Group’s latest WDP warehouse, and explore Tom Malfroid’s – Collect & Go’s supply chain manager – take on how it was to collaborate so closely with WDP.


Explore the brand-new warehouse


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