Daphne and Eva look back at their WDP internship

Daphne Certyn and Eva Van Raefelghem recently completed their two-month internships at WDP.  Before saying goodbye, we placed them in front of our camera to find out how they look back at the experience of being a #TeamWDP member.


“My background as a civil engineer in logistics played a big part in choosing WDP for my internship”, says Daphne. “Putting what I learned at Vlerick Business School into practice, was a great opportunity and a valuable experience. This internship gave me the chance to discover the logistics world from within.”


Intern Eva has a different background, but she shares Daphne’s enthusiasm about the past two months. “I study finance, so it was great for me to be able to work in a BEL 20 listed company like WDP. Seeing how things work in a company like this, is a unique opportunity.”


Daphne and Eva worked on an external project that allowed them to discover multiple aspects of working at WDP. “We learned a lot, since our project was linked to many departments of the organisation”, says Eva. “The versatility of the project was very interesting. And the guidance we got during our internship was better than we could have imagined. We received one-on-one coaching from Joost Uwens, which really was special. Other departments were very helpful as well, with lots of coaching. We consider ourselves to be very lucky.”


“Looking back, I’m very proud that we were able to involve a great number of people in our project”, Daphne concludes. “It feels great to leave something behind, that will surely be continued in the future.”