WDP - El Plan

El Plan: the best way towards digital cooperation

Digital is the new normal, right? And data is a perfect customer service’s raw material. That’s why WDP focuses on a digital customer experience, with a strong intelligent data-architecture to support it.

100% digital: better tools, better processes

A digital narrative only works when there’s a tangible added value for customers and team members. Efficient cooperation with outstanding customer service, that’s the goal! By connecting and integrating every tool within a 100% digital platform, WDP improves its processes, tools, and available data.

Supported by #TeamWDP

Building a successful digital platform can only be achieved with the full support of everyone at #TeamWDP. We’ve organized creative challenges to get our colleagues on board – a crucial step to communicate constructively, organize trainings, and stimulate involvement and engagement in times of remote working, coronavirus measures, and the new working situation we found ourselves in.

Code name: El Plan

First step: the announcement of “El Plan”, a humorous miniseries based on Netflix’s La Casa de Papel. In the series, El Professor shared regular updates and introduced #TeamWDP to El Professor’s gang – colleagues sharing their experiences.

El Plan/La Casa de WDP soon became the internal codename for the project. We regularly launched new episodes, injecting a great deal of fun in WDP’s digital transformation.

El Plan bursts with ambition. It’s the only way forward. But it won’t work without everyone on board. Will we all succeed? #TeamWDP will have to prove itself.”

El Professor

El Professor