Euro Pool System, the pinnacle of sustainable return logistics

WDP built a new 30,000 m² construction project last year in Zellik for Euro Pool System, Europe’s largest logistics service provider for multi-use packaging. From this service centre, among other things, the return logistics of the distribution centre of Delhaize in Zellik take place. A logistics process that overflows with sustainability from start to finish.

Ecological alternative to cardboard

“Sustainability is even more important to our customers,” says Dirk Vercammen, West-European Regional Director at Euro Pool System. "By switching from cardboard to reusable crates, a company can emit up to 60% less CO2. Furthermore, our newest crates close down to barely 3 centimetres high, so that there are twice as many on a truck than before. Disused crates are processed into pellets for re-use in other products. In the future, we want to make the chain even more circular by producing new crates from those pellets.”

Efficient transport

"Our service centre in Zellik is actually a return centre and depot in one. This means that crates and pallets are delivered here, washed and redistributed to producers, wholesalers and retailers. By combining these services in one location, we save time and transport costs. We also thought about the location: the distribution centre of Delhaize, our largest customer, lies only a few hundred meters away. In this way, we minimise our CO2 emissions. And we also reduce the distances on site. Trucks, once signed in, are sent to the correct docks via automatic steering.”

Environmentally-friendly production

"The systems to wash the crates consume a lot of water. Therefore, we installed a water purification plant for the first time in Zellik. This way, we reuse 80% of the water in our production process. The other 20% will become surface water and possibly drinking water in the future. To further optimise our production process, we’re looking at how we can potentially use solar panels, and which other sustainable resources can limit our gas consumption. WDP is the ideal partner for this, because they have always supported us in making the buildings as sustainable as possible. "