How does Martijn Sleutjes, Sales & Business Development Manager, fill his day?

As the Sales & Business Development Manager at WDP, Martijn Sleutjes crosses the whole of the Netherlands to (re)develop logistics real estate. We asked him how he fills his days and why he enjoys working at WDP so much.

From introduction to delivery

In 2015, Martijn Sleutjes left his job at a logistics service provider to become the Sales & Business Development Manager at WDP. “I am responsible for the rental and (re)development of logistics real estate, which ranges from an introductory meeting with the customer to delivery of the warehouse. I also work with landowners, municipalities, architects, real estate agents, advisors, etc. So I travel all over the Netherlands, which is very nice! You can also find me in the office, working out rental proposals, project plans and contracts, and coordinating them with my colleagues from project management or legal, for instance.”

Sustainable business

“I like working for WDP because, as an investor, we have a long-term vision and advise clients to make sustainable choices about safety, quality, and the environment. For both the building itself and for how it is used,” Martijn continues. Helping customers to translate their logistics processes into an efficient and sustainable warehouse is very enjoyable. We help companies do business responsibly, which is something to be proud of.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

“WDP generates over 240 million euros annually in logistics real estate. Of course, I don’t do that all on my own. I can count on a close-knit team of direct colleagues and a network of partners, including architects, contractors, safety and environmental advisors. These are busy days, which require a lot of perseverance and solid cooperation.” Working hard together with a team is something Martijn does outside his working hours, too. “I regularly go bootcamping and play competitive tennis with friends. The best part is the ‘third half’, when we all have a drink at the end of the game.”

Watch the video to learn more about Martijn!