Kiran Van Ursel, IT support officer at WDP, does what he loves every day

As the IT support officer, Kiran Van Ursel does what he loves every day: analysing problems and finding solutions. He is responsible for providing support within WDP and helps to brainstorm on IT solutions for large and small projects alike. We asked Kiran what the most appealing thing about his job and about WDP was.

Small and large IT solutions

“I can spend hours of my free time reading and researching how something works. I really enjoy finding the answers to things,” says Kiran. And that’s precisely what he does at the office. “Resetting passwords, configuring printers, installing a laptop for a new colleague, etc. In addition to the everyday problems, I’m also responsible for optimising the IT infrastructure and the IT component within projects. This includes things like GDPR implementation or the system behind facility management. It’s a highly varied job and that’s how I like it!”

People skills

Although Kiran tends to focus on hardware and software, he also needs to have good people skills. “Implementing IT systems or projects is often paired with a lot of change management. After all, every employee, every department, has their own way of working. There’s also a different corporate culture when you look internationally. It’s a great challenge to be able to find the greatest common denominator within all this.”

So much more than support

“The biggest misconception confronting IT is, in my opinion, that a lot of people still constantly think that IT is merely a supporting, internal service. However, in actuality, IT is growing increasingly similar to the traditional departments, like Marketing or Sales. Plus, my department not only implements things; we also brainstorm on how we can provide customers and stakeholders with an even better digital experience. It’s definitely a challenge because more and more disruptive technologies are appearing within the logistics sector.”

Watch the video to learn more about Kiran!