Konings-Zuivel distribution centre: BREEAM Very Good certified and fit for the future

How sustainability and employee happiness go hand in hand

Konings-Zuivel has been an innovative dairy product producer for 25 years, serving outstanding refrigerated and unrefrigerated dairy products in the European markets. Their dedication to sustainability led them to develop a new base of operations in 2019, packed with the latest in eco-friendly technology. As a result, the distribution hub was BREEAM Very Good certified.

Sustainability as a guiding pillar

To secure the company’s sustainability vision, Konings-Zuivel sat down with WDP at the very start of the warehousing project. Their distribution facility in Bleiswijk needed to deliver on high sustainability standards, and a BREEAM certification was crucial from the get-go.

At first, the company aimed at receiving two stars. But, when the construction phase was well on course, they quickly realized that a 3-star rating (Very Good) was within reach.

Small modifications, big effects

Wim Meijer, BREEAM consultant, explains how that evolved: “Together with the contractors on-site, we carried out a quick scan of the original plans and project. We found out that by modifying the original design, a Very Good certification could be a reality.”

The changes needed weren’t very significant; with just a few alterations, Konings-Zuivel qualified for the 3-star BREEAM rating. “By integrating water-saving toilets, electric charging poles for cars and bikes, a big screen near the entrance with the public transportation schedule… All these small and feasible interventions allowed us to score better.”

The cooling system: A wonder of sustainable tech

The crown jewel of sustainability here must be the cooling installation. The high-yield system uses CO2 as a cooling aid and can be used for heat recovery and office cooling as well. As a result, the entire warehouse is now gasless, resulting in a tremendous positive impact on the environment.

Apart from the cooling system, there were several other sustainability measures put in place:

  • Lighting with individual switches per room and space;
  • Individual temperature control for every room;
  • Applied ecology: the entire premises was designed by an ecological landscaper; and
  • Solar panels: 1,875 roof solar panels provide energy and energy costsaving.

The impact on daily operations

Now that Konings-Zuivel is fully operational in their new Bleiswijk-based distribution centre, it has become clear that responsible sustainability isn’t the only advantage BREEAM certification has to offer. The work environment is noticeably better, giving the workers a healthy and positive environment to work in.

BREEAM certification? Sure, let’s talk!

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