Logistics Manager of the Year 2018 announced!

On 11 April, Joris Keizers was awarded the title of Logistics Manager of 2018.  The Group operations manager of producer Veco owes this to his work for Process Mining in logistics. Tijs van Driel, COO of Red je Pakketje, was awarded the title of ‘Young Logistics Talent of 2018’ on Wednesday.

Joris Keizers Process Mining pioneer  

This year, the event, of which WDP is the main sponsor, was held in the Jaarbeurs and the theme was ‘cross-border’. A word that fits perfectly with Joris Keizers; considering that he is seen as one of the first to introduce Process Mining in the logistics world. Keizers sees his new title as an opportunity to help the technology boom: “It’s great to receive this award among all these colleagues. And I look forward to being an ambassador in the coming years.  A number of people have already asked me today what Process Mining can do for them. I hope it will really take off now.”

What is Process Mining?

What can this fantastic tool do for logistics? Joris Keizers used the technique to align the processes of two factories in the Netherlands and one in the UK better and to halve the total turnaround time.  Process Mining, a technique from the world of Data Science and Big Data, helped him to visualise and analyse processes based on information from the different databases. “From that whole jumble of data, Process Mining literally visualises your process.  From there, you can see directly where a lot of traffic is and where blockages are. You can then compare this to how you once thought out the process on paper,” says Joris.

Young Logistics Talent 2018

That same evening, Tijs van Driel, COO at Red je Pakketje, was awarded Young Logistics Talent of 2018. A title he owes according to the jury to his skill to “seeing the potential in a niche market” and “the constant focus on growth and innovation”. Tijs was responsible for the launch of a new package service: Red je Pakketje picks up orders until 2:30 p.m. from e-shops and delivers them to consumers’ homes in the evening. The company grew 750% in terms of volume in barely a year and a half. Tijs’ best practice and at the same time his biggest challenge? “Guarantee quality in times of growth, without overcomplicating processes,” he thinks.

Read more about the finalists on https://www.lmvhj.nl/.