Look inside at Total Exotics

Total Exotics, a growing company specialising in ready-to-eat avocados and mangos, will soon have been housed for one year in their new warehouse in Bleiswijk. WDP helped them bring their logistics processes under one roof as efficiently as possible.

New warehouse

“Total Exotics ripens, sorts, packs, and delivers avocados and mangos for clients in the whole of Europe,” tells Said Bannany, General Manager of Total Exotics. “In order to get the ready-to-eat fruit into the supermarkets, it is sorted, packed, and distributed one day after ripening. We wanted to accommodate all our activities in one building specifically because everything must go so fast. Plus, the new warehouse also had to absorb our strong growth.”

Efficient layout

“The new building had to comply with the strict legislation around vegetables & fruit as well as be divided logically. We chose the final layout together with WDP. Together, we translated our processes into a qualitative, sustainable, and especially efficient 5,000-m2 warehouse with built-in cooling and ripening cells. How the personnel enter, which cooling system to use and where it goes, how the heat from the cooling system can be used for the ripening cells, etc. Everything was considered!”

A look ahead

“We have been in this magnificent building for almost a year; everyone feels at home here and we’re all extremely proud of it. Currently, the building is divided in half, but the warehouse will facilitate the growth we anticipate in the coming six years.”

Curious to see how things are going at Total Exotics? Watch the video and take a peek at what’s behind the façade.