A look at #teamwdp… more than just talent

WDP started as a small, ambitious family business and has grown into a successful player in the international logistics property market. Over the years, #teamwdp has expanded and clearly evolved. But the company's values have not changed. The favourable position that WDP finds itself in today is due to its clear vision in terms of talent, diversity, and personal development.

A warehouse of talent

Hiring the right talent is essential for a company to remain strong and achieve sustainable growth. But talent is not the only thing that has shaped WDP's success in recent decades. The large warehouse of talent that WDP is today has been carefully assembled with a mix of different skills, diverse cultures, and complementary personalities. And, with a rock-solid commitment as a common factor.

What does #teamwdp look like today?

Examining the make-up of the 82 employees of #TeamWDP reveals that the male-female ratio is almost balanced with a slight bias towards the men (54% men compared to 46% women). Together, the age groups 30-39 years (31) and 40-49 years (30) account for 75% of the team. Oh, and the Red Devils will have the most WDP supporters behind them during next summer's European Football Championship: 55% are of the Belgian nationality, followed by Romanian (26%) and Dutch (17%).

Room for development

At WDP, we believe the motivation of all of our staff is very important. However, we do not take it for granted. We work hard day in, day out keeping intact the company culture and the family atmosphere that makes WDP great. With a strong focus on diversity, personal development, and well-being, we want to create a workplace that motivates, inspires commitment, and encourages responsibility. This is the only way that everyone will feel fully appreciated and develop their talents to the full.

The right tools in your hands right away

At WDP, getting the most out of someone's talent starts in the selection procedure. We pay close attention to the substance and the personal match during a short but thorough selection process. New recruits are immediately given the right tools to do their best. And, they visit different sites and can count on informal guidance from a mentor. We believe clear communication, many contact moments, and regular appraisal interviews to be the keys to a successful start at WDP.

An open dialogue

Clear communication obviously works both ways. We want to give all of our staff a chance to share their views, feedback, or suggestions. Which is why we organised a #TeamWDP satisfaction survey in 2020. The survey results show that our staff feel at home at WDP and appreciate our efforts on the employee development front.


Would you like to join #TeamWDP and help build the future of our company? Then be sure to take a look here at our open job vacancies.