Meet Brunhilde Vanderstraeten, Group Controller at WDP

WDP has approximately 60 employees who do their best every day to ensure that the company and its clients grow. Brunhilde Vanderstraeten, Group Controller at WDP, has been a part of this enthusiastic team for over a decade. We asked this loyal employee about her career at WDP and what makes her job so fun.

The drive to grow

“I started as a general ledger and consolidation accountant at WDP in 2008,” says Brunhilde. “In addition to the great corporate culture at WDP, there is also a strong drive to grow. I like this about a company. And you can literally see that growth because we work with a tangible product. When you’re driving around on the motorways in one of the countries in which we are active, you’re sure to come across a WDP building. It’s definitely something to be proud of.”

The math lady

“I’ve had a lot of professional challenges cross my path, which has helped me grow into my current position of Group Controller,” continues Brunhilde. “I'm responsible for controlling, accounting, and reporting for the five countries within the WDP Group. When my kids ask me exactly what I do, I tell them that I solve maths problems about our buildings. That’s part of why my colleagues cheerfully call me the math lady. My motto is definitely ‘the numbers tell the tale’!”


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