Meet Marion Koemans, the linchpin at WDP

As the management team’s right hand, Marion Koemans’s work is never done. We asked this busy bee exactly what it was about WDP that appealed to her and what made her job as a personal assistant so much fun.

Why WDP?

Five years ago, Marion took on a part-time job in a small team at the family-owned WDP. Today, she works full-time in a strongly growing team with great colleagues. “I grew up in a family-owned business, a flower wholesaler for the flower auction in Aalsmeer, and I was literally raised among the flowers and lorries,” says Marion.

“So the logistics sector was something new to me and therefore very interesting. I’ve learned a lot about the various processes because I get a look behind the scenes at our customers’ businesses: like the amount of fruits and vegetables that are processed at The Greenery or Staay Food Group, or what happens before a package leaves Wehkamp, etc. It is a dynamic world that never stops and that really appeals to me.”

A day in the life of a personal assistant

“My days at WDP are never the same! There is so much to do and very little time to do it. As a personal assistant for the management team in Breda, I also pitch in where I can: making telephone calls, helping with scheduling, checking the mail, updating diaries, assisting with preparations, events, welcoming business relations, etc. In short, everything that happens in an office. But I also help new colleagues to get settled in, brainstorm on the design of the office, or come up with ideas on how we can work more efficiently. This variation in my tasks combined with a hard-working yet close team, one which laughs a lot and shows their appreciation for each other, makes my job great.”

The perfect girl Friday is...

What are the skills that Marion has mastered for this dynamic job? “I’ve got a very positive attitude, I’m flexible, and I take an active approach. Hospitality and a good sense of humour are also useful! But my primary skills are being highly organisational, a creative thinker, and delivering good work with a personal touch.” Marion is like this at home too. “When I have a day off, I go to the market to pick up a huge bouquet of flowers or some new fabric so that I can make a cute outfit for myself. I don’t like to be idle.”


Watch the video to learn more about Marion!