Meet Michel van Eijk, resident of Rotterdam and WDP Facility Manager

According to Michel van Eijk, Rotterdam is his favourite city. That means that a job like Facility Manager at WDP, where he indirectly contributes to the logistical development of his home town and for all of the Benelux, fits him like a glove. We asked Michel what appeals to him most about his job at WDP.

The reason I opted for WDP

‘My real estate career got its start at the Sweco engineering company, at the Van Nelle Factory, a UNESCO World Heritage site’, Michel tells us. ‘That's how I gained  substantial experience in real estate management, and it's also where I was introduced to WDP. I finally made the switch three years ago. The family-owned company really appealed to me, and it's fascinating to me how we make our way through the entire real estate cycle - from just an empty plot to the final stage of its development. So it's a one-of-a-kind company, with loads of opportunities.’

My job as Facility Manager

‘As Facility Manager, I work with the customer to ensure that the logistics real estate is and remains in good condition.  In this way, my activities include both restoration and the building's future. My job is to gauge when and to what extent renovations take place, which is why I also keep track of tenant obligations, such as inspection certificates. Naturally I also draw on my knowledge and network to provide them with counsel and advice. After all, at WDP we believe that that's where our added value lies.’

The Rotterdam mindset

‘I love the Rotterdam mindset’, says Michel. ‘Because the city had to be rebuilt following World War II, the people of Rotterdam are famous for being hard workers. I try to reflect that characteristic in my job, which is something that all of my colleagues do. And that's how WDP increased its portfolio from 1 billion to 3 billion euros, which is proof of the serious amount of work we've done in recent years.’

Find out more about Michel in the video!