WDP Green Mobility Hub

The principle of a Green Mobility Hub

Introducing WDP’s Green Mobility Hub. This visionary concept helps future-proof the logistics industry by tapping into the power of green energy. Let’s explore how we do that exactly.

The concept: the energy architecture for tomorrow

The concept is quite simple: develop a sustainable energy infrastructure that produces enough green power to maximally support on-site energy use and electrical vehicle charging. This infrastructure needs to be able to support a high-end distribution centre, where all sorts of vehicles need to power up: cars, vans, and large trucks.

Our energy architects merge the best available technology and software into one overarching infrastructure that combines optimal green energy use with the security of supply.

The architecture: smart, green, and reliable

Here’s how it works, in a few steps:

  • A solar park on the roof produces green power.
  • This power is sent onto the local grid, used for onsite operational activities and charging vans, cars, and E-trucks.
  • A smart energy monitoring and management tool is the backbone of the system, guaranteeing ample power supply at any given time.
  • If there is an energy surplus, power is stored in onsite batteries. If these batteries are fully charged, power is transferred to the public power grid.
  • If there isn’t enough solarinduced power for local operations, the batteries come into effect.
  • When battery levels are low, power is brought in from the public electricity grid for 100% security of supply.

The results: a total solution for our customers

WDP launched a pilot project at VPD’s distribution centre in Zellik. VDP is an innovative company specialising in last-mile logistics. The company is committed to turning its fleet green, with a full zero-emission strategy. The plan is to turn all its deliveries CO2-neutral by 2025. WDP stepped up not only as a real estate partner but as a 360° green energy partner, too.

Svetlana Nikolayonok, Business Developer Energy at WDP, puts it this way: “We want to offer a total solution for our customers. We aim to be the go-to partner for both real estate and mobility strategy.”

The vision & strategy behind the Green Mobility Hub

The WDP annual report lays out the foundation for the Green Mobility Hubs. Last-mile delivery distribution centres hosts a wide range of vehicles, from cars to vans and E-trucks. Clients are under pressure to organise this transport as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Today, sustainability plays an important part in the decision-making process around logistic real estate. The EU Green Deal emphasises the importance of the decarbonisation of real estate and transport, with a switch to e-mobility. WDP’s Green Mobility Hub solution is the way forward for every future-thinking logistics company looking to make waves in tomorrow’s market.

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