Romania will become part of the Schengen area: what does it mean for you?

On the 30th of December 2023, the European Commission announced that Romania is to join the Schengen area after a unanimous decision taken by the European Council. As of March 2024, controls at sea and air borders will be lifted. Later this year, the Council is expected to decide on lifting controls at land borders.

This decision means that Romania will become part of the world’s largest area without internal border controls, which will significantly reduce - costly - waiting times at border crossings

It goes without saying that this is a welcome announcement for any business operating in Romania or seeking to expand there. Romania’s inclusion in the Schengen zone also makes it a strategic location for European companies seeking to nearshore their operations as well as for non-European companies that wish to establish a local footprint in Europe. With more efficient supply chains, conducting business in, with and from Romania has never been easier and more interesting.

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