The safest chemical storage place is in Moerdijk!

If everything goes according to plan this summer, Gondrand Traffic will move to a brand-new warehouse in Moerdijk that Conferm is currently building at the behest of WDP. The new warehouse was specifically designed to safely and efficiently store chemicals in accordance with the highest standards. And standards is where Gondrand Traffic stands out.

Chemical storage by category

One of the largest chemical storage players in the world, Gondrand Traffic needed a warehouse with more space. Safety, scale, and efficiency were at the top of the list. This is why Tom Heesakkers, Business Unit Manager Logistics at Gondrand Traffic counted on WDP and Conferm: ‘WDP specialises in designing large projects. We know chemical storage warehouses inside out and Conferm is also no beginner when it comes to building chemical storage units. So, we had all of the necessary expertise right from the start to build a safe and larger warehouse for packed chemicals.’

Double the size and even safer

‘The new ADR distribution centre is of a different scale’, says Tom. ‘It has 17,500 m2 of floor space with a storage capacity that is about two and half times our current capacity. It is also equipped with better technology related to efficiency and safety. These are important when you’re working with hazardous substances. For example, compartments, where chemical raw materials are stored, can be individually cooled. And, all of the expediting spaces of the storage halls are equipped with CO2 extinguishers and one has sprinklers.’

Moerdijk, a potentially new chemical cluster?

‘In fact, we decided to build our new distribution centre in Moerdijk because all of our staff are from the area. And also because Moerdijk is in a good location. It’s centrally located between the large ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. And it’s also well connected to the railway network, motorways, and waterways. You’re never bothered by traffic jams like in Antwerp. We also own the parcel of land next to the new distribution centre, which means we can double our storage capacity in the long term. So, we’ve completely prepared Moerdijk to be a new chemical cluster!’