The secret of WDP & Distrilog, a logistics dream team

Distrilog and WDP have proved that they are two peas in a pod more than once. In 2008, for example, the millionth square metre that WDP owned was Distrilog’s in Willebroek. WDP’s five millionth square metre, currently under construction, is also intended for the family business specialising in the storage and distribution of goods in DIY, FMCG, and food retail. Why does Distrilog continue to choose WDP? Philip Salaerts, Director of Operations at Distrilog, reveals the reasoning.

Everyone has their own core business

“Distrilog is a family logistics company that provides storage and distribution in a safe, high-quality, and environmentally friendly manner,” says Philip Salaerts, Director of Operations at Distrilog. “We are active on some 15 sites in Flanders, including in Willebroek, Londerzeel, Evergem, Olen, Vilvoorde, and Aarschot. Our focus is on our logistics services. We improve this by investing in software, among other things. Real estate is not our core business, so we have been counting on WDP for this since our inception.”


“Since the beginning of our collaboration, WDP has always found a solution to help us move forward gradually. For example, we had several opportunities to partially rent and expand when needed. Other times, they just happened to buy the building that we had been leasing from another lessor. In 2016, we consciously chose WDP to conclude a sale-and-lease-back agreement for the real estate in the event of an acquisition. So, we complement each other well.”

Distrilog’s main hub

“Our main hub in Willebroek is 56,000 m². In 2008, WDP built this site almost completely according to our wishes. It was a first for Distrilog and is still our flagship to this day because everything Distrilog does can be seen here in small or large: picking & packing, in-house co-packing, temperature-controlled storage, a hazardous goods zone, etc. Ten thousand pallets pass through this warehouse and cross-dock hub every day.”

Ongoing partnership

“Today, WDP is already working on two expansions for our sites in Evergem and Olen. The expansion in Evergem, close to Kluizendok, is for a growing customer in the chemical industry. WDP is building approximately 10,000 m² for another promising client in Olen. In contrast to Ghent, this cross-dock hub is now fully built. Fortunately, WDP is helping us hunt on new territory.”

Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes look at Distrilog’s major hub.



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