Sector news for the month of December 2019

Did the sector news for December 2019 get lost in all the festivities? For your convenience, we start 2020 with a brief recap of the not to be missed trends and innovations in the world of logistics. Read more about T-shirt folding robots, the approaching success of Uber Freight, the wide variety of city hubs, the evolution of warehouse automation, and flying water taxis. Click on the articles for more details.

#1 Robot folds and packs Uniqlo clothing

Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo relies on robots with a 3D camera to package clothing in cardboard boxes without human assistance. A first in the logistics sector driven by the biting labour shortage in Japanese warehouses. Read more about the first robot to fold and pack clothing in Uniqlo’s warehouse at

#2 Will Uber Freight take the lead?

Uber Freight will soon be a successful platform in Europe if we take their top guy, Daniel Buczkowski, at his word. Better pricing, fewer empty lorry trips, and reliable algorithms are the basis for success that will help both shippers and carriers. Read more about additional benefits are provided by Uber Freight and how Uber Freight will push complete automation within the transport sector at

#3 How city hub became a catch-all term

The urban mobility problem has awakened creativity and solution orientation in the sector. The outcome is a wide variety of city hubs: hubs for facility services, the last mile, construction hubs, multi-use hubs, with multiple features, etc. Discover how the diverse elaborations of urban distribution are increasingly taking shape at 

#4 Warehouse automation 2.0

Warehouse automation is on the rise and the greater demand for online shop fulfilment is certainly a part of this trend. The sector now handles fewer bundled orders for warehouses and more individual products delivered directly to the customer. Automation must be approached more intelligently and more efficiently because delivery times are expected to be much quicker and the quantity of orders handled is increasing significantly. Read more about the latest innovations in warehouse automation at

#5 Flying water taxi in Belgium and the Netherlands

Or… will the Antwerp water bus have competition? That’s certainly the case if the French inventors of SeaBubbles have anything to say about it. These flying water taxis can transport 5 people at a top speed of 33 km per hour and have recently become available in Belgium and the Netherlands. Sustainable, silent, fast, and no waves… It sounds like it’s the ideal city transport method! Read more about the ambitions of the innovative water taxi SeaBubbles in the press release at