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SLIGRO - Sale & Lease Back of logistics real estate

What if your company teams up with Heineken to organize the logistics chain for their beer and cider products? Well, then you’ll need to create the right distribution centers, equipped with all the necessary specs.

Sligro, the renowned catering and hospitality wholesaler for Belgian and Dutch food professionals knows exactly how that goes down. WDP supported the company in the sale & leaseback of their company real estate in order to launch their partnership with Heineken in 2017

High expectations, intelligent financing

The integration of Sligro and Heineken required a substantial investment, including for the purchase of four new locations. Through a sale & leaseback with WDP, Sligro could further optimize the profitability of its capital by continuous investments, rather than invest it solely in bricks.

Added value, all the way

After the creation of various logistical sites, Sligro sold the distribution centres to WDP, with an attached lease of 15 years.  A conscious choice, because WDP's experience and attention to the interests of Sligro as a tenant ensured a balanced construction with added value for both parties

Sligro chose WDP because of:

  • The trusted partnership between both companies.
  • WDP’s years of experience in sale & leaseback operations.
  • WDP’s client-centered approach with tailored professional advice.


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Sale & leaseback with WDP was the perfect way to be able to focus on our core business again. We chose to actively invest with our capital rather than put it in real estate. WDP’s experience and attention to our interest as a tenant ensured a balanced construction with added value for all parties involved.

Adriette Broeders

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