Opslagplaats WDP in Harderwijk

A sustainable boost for Kawneer (Harderwijk, the Netherlands): in charge of the future 

Kawneer chooses sustainability for its Harderwijk warehouse. This world leader in aluminium windows, doors, and façades already constructed a BREEAM Very Good certified distribution centre in 2016 – a progressive choice in those days. Now, the company sets the bar even higher. 

“A year after project delivery, we installed about 4,200 solar panels on our rooftops, together with WDP”, says Lars van den Berg, Technical Manager at Kawneer. “These panels produce 118% of our own energy consumption.” 

Energising partners and employees 

That energy surplus is put to good use: not only is Kawneer’s own fleet supplied with green energy, but they also seek to expand it to their employees and partners. 

“We installed seven charging docks on our site”, Lars van de Berg continues. “We offer our employees and visitor green power at real cost price.” 

From emergency telephone to charging dock 

Roelof Care, WDP’s Energy & Sustainability Manager, witnessed first-hand how the project grew throughout the years. “In 2016, Kawneer and WDP already installed a small power plant. That saved up to 200,000 tons of CO2 each year.” 

“Today, Kawneer takes another innovative step with WDP. We’ve decided to refurbish and rebuild discarded emergency telephones into charging docks for e-vehicles.” 

Flexible, off the beaten track 

That’s a logical next step. Technical Manager Lars explains: “Recycling is a focal point for Kawneer. This is a great addition to our vision on re-use. WDP saw the advantages immediately – and the good humour of it.” 

A nice example of the typical WDP flexibility. “We always try to think and strategise with our clients. That way, we can provide them with outstanding projects that really work for them”, Sven Waalwijk, WDP Portfolio Manager, adds. 

Sustainable energy: WDP takes the lead 

“WDP wants to convert its locations and buildings to be climate neutral, in close collaboration with our clients”, Roelof Care says. “Clients expect it, but it’s something we really want to achieve too”, Sven Waalwijk adds. “We want to pioneer in that area, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”