Team WDP welcomes Ruben Vandam as sustainability engineer

What better place to talk about high ambitions, than a sunny rooftop? We took our new Sustainability Engineer Ruben Vandam up on the roof to ask him a few questions at the start of his WDP career. 

What made him apply for this job at WDP, was the first question we fired at him. As it turns out, there were many things that attracted Ruben to the company. “The versatility of the job spoke to me”, says Ruben. “I very much look forward to working with different people and different teams. The fact that no two days are the same and there will always be variation in what I do, was very appealing to me.”

Having an impact

“A second thing that attracted me was the position of WDP in the market. It’s clear that WDP is a successful company with many talented people. And thirdly: I love the fact that the job of Sustainability Engineer enables me to have a real impact.”

“I’m looking forward to many aspects of this job. Working together with international teams is one of them. I already met lots of people and I’m excited to get to know the rest. I can’t wait to start up projects within the Climate Action Team in the future.”

Want to know more about Ruben’s ambitions? Watch the video to find out!