TeamWDP: Sustainability Engineers Ruben and Frank

Sustainability is high on WDP’s priority list and here to make sure our words are put into actions are Sustainability Engineers Ruben Vandam and Frank Ceusters. Their job is to focus on the sustainability of our buildings as well as our own organization.

“A lot of elements contribute to a strong sustainability strategy”, says Frank. “Solar panels are obviously a very important element of that strategy. And we have implemented energy monitoring systems in all of our warehouses, which enable our clients to keep an eye on their energy use at all times. But there is much more.”

“The building and logistics sectors are among the main CO2 emitters in the world”, says Ruben. “WDP is right at the crossroads of those two sectors so it’s clear that we have a big responsibility to take on.

“We are working on an ambitious climate action plan, which includes mapping all environmental issues and our portfolio’s carbon footprint, and setting real targets”, concludes Frank.