TeamWDP: welcome, Ivo Schreurs

There’s a new guy in town. We recently welcomed our new property manager Ivo Schreurs. As a way of introducing him, we put Ivo in front of our camera and fired some get-to-know questions at him. What his days at WDP will look like, for example.

“As a property manager, I will be in charge of the technical management of a warehouse portfolio. That means I will make sure that everything is the way it should be at the warehouses, and that we meet the customer’s needs and expectations at all times”, he says.

Technical management includes many different things. That makes it very important to spot the priorities, explains Ivo. “Keeping a long-term vision is crucial in my job. That’s essential in order to keep the warehouses up-to-date.”

When we ask Ivo what he loves most about his new job, he highlights two things. “The mix of the technical aspect and the social character of the job is what really attracted me. I like to stay in close contact with clients. Open and clear communication is key to maintaining a great relationship.”

In his spare time, Ivo loves to explore football pitches across the Netherlands and beyond. “I’m a big football lover and a huge PSV Eindhoven fan. But I try to visit as many football stadiums as I can, all across Europe.”