Transportation of tomorrow: underground or through the air?

The persistent traffic jam problems of today demand innovative solutions. So, tech giants like Uber and Tesla are searching for alternatives. Will we soon be getting around in flying cars? Or, more likely, in some kind of high-speed underground train? One of these inventions will probably become the Next Big Thing.

Flying cars for the happy few

With Uber Elevate, Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, wants to build a landing platform on every skyscraper, so that flying, self-driving taxis can fly throughout the city. Drones on a human scale, you might say. There is room enough in the air, but is it really a realistic solution in the short term? If everyone suddenly tries to claim some space up there, chaos could ensue. What's more, the whole system carries with it an enormous price tag, which means it will most likely only be accessible to the happy few.

Hyperloops for mass transport

Elon Musk, the brain behind SpaceX and Tesla, has an entirely different vision in mind with the Hyperloop. He wants to construct an underground network of vacuum tubes in which capsules transport passengers and goods at hundreds of kilometres per hour.  Yet, Musk's idea for a new mass transport system is also not per se for the near future. The technology required to realise such a revolutionary network of tubes and capsules is much less developed than that required for the manufacture of flying cars. Furthermore, the price tag for this project is also not insignificant, and the construction of immense underground municipal networks will take an enormous amount of time. So, also not a solution for the traffic jams of today.

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