Trilogiport even more interesting due to Liège container terminals cooperation

The port of Liège is Belgium’s first and Europe’s third inland port mainly because of its excellent geographical situation and its multimodal characteristics. This year, another asset will be added to the mix, because the two container terminals Tercofin and DP World Inland will, from now on, form a new joint-venture: DP World Liège Container Terminals SA. Bert De Nijs, Business Developer at WDP, explains why this is good news for the new logistics area north of the port of Liège.

Exit congestion and price competition

“The new cooperation model between Tercofin in the south and DP World Inland in the north of the city will lead to departures being better coordinated to each other, volumes combined and empty containers more efficiently managed”, says Bert De Nijs, Business Developer. “First of all, this will be positive for the port’s congestion. It will also be beneficial to the transport and transhipment costs. In other words, a cost advantage for established enterprises.”

Multimodal platform

“This foreseen collaboration will highlight Liège Trilogiport, the multimodal platform in the north of the city. And rightfully so, because it is an appealing location for logistic service providers targeting the European market. Goods are transported from the heart of Europe by means of rail, road or waterways via the trimodal container terminal. The sea ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are easily accessible via the Albert canal. Air freight is also an option, because Liège Airport, one of Belgium’s biggest cargo airports, is just a stone’s throw away.  


Would you be interested in being part of the promising logistics platform Trilogiport Liège?

WDP is the concession holder of a 10 ha site, 50,000 m² of which meets the requirements for ultramodern warehouses, fully tailored to port activities. “Our project location is near the northern terminal and consists of various buildings. Warehouses ranging between 5,000 m² and 30,000 m² shall be available.”


For more information regarding these future-proof warehouses, please contact Business Developer Bert De Nijs.