WDP & Euro Pool System: looking back and looking ahead

Euro Pool System, leading logistics service provider of reusable packaging in Europe, has long been a customer of WDP in the Benelux. However, close cooperation only began five years ago when the need for a new service centre in Zellik and Barendrecht was at its highest. Frederic Gansemans, Benelux Country Manager at Euro Pool System, takes a look back and forward at this memorable collaboration.

Presence in Benelux

“One of the reasons to work closely with WDP is that they supply to the Benelux,” explains Frederic Gansemans, Benelux Country Manager at Euro Pool System. “For example, five years ago, we chose them as a partner in both Belgium and the Netherlands. The existing service centre in Zellik had become too small, and WDP had a plot of land in their portfolio 400 metres away. In the Netherlands, WDP bought the properties that we rented from The Greenery and together we were looking for a way to renew the buildings at the same locations."

Collaborative partner

"If you can do a few projects with one partner, you grow together," Frederic continues. “WDP has been closely involved in the layout of our buildings and, in addition to the construction, also looked at what was the most optimal operationally. In Zellik, they took the circulation plan, the desired water purification station, the orientation and potential restrictions into account. So, a big project."

“The fact that the service centre in Zellik was delivered on time was an extra reassurance for our collaboration. Because in Barendrecht, production continued during the renovations. A tough challenge, but we had faith in WDP because they always looked proactively and dynamically for solutions with us. The company has a lot of know-how about logistics buildings, supervises subcontracting and is confident in terms of deadlines."

A look ahead

“The projects in Zellik and Barendrecht are complete, but Euro Pool System is still growing. Because by 2021, we plan to use even more collapsible crates than is currently the case. Thus, we are expecting an expansion, operationally and geographically. WDP is, therefore, a valuable partner who keeps its eyes open for potentially starting one or two more projects in the coming years."