WDP News Digest – March 2018

Another month has flown by! Which means it is time for a new WDP News Digest to update you on all the innovations within the world of logistics. After all, we’re publishing not-to-be-missed news, emerging trends, and all the interesting facts from last month.

#1 Blockchain improves supply chain

It is now general knowledge that blockchain has turned not only the financial world on its head but the logistics sector as well. What exactly does this entail? Louis de Bruin, Blockchain Leader at IBM, gave an interview to logistiek.nl about this very thing. According to him, blockchain will soon be making the logistics transactions that supply chains have to deal with faster, automated, and much less susceptible to errors and fraud. Would you like to know more? Read the entire article, Every supply chain performs better with blockchain, on logistiek.nl. 

#2 The arrival of electric trucks puts investments temporarily on hold

ING Bank published a report on investments in transport materials in mid-March of this year. Their most striking finding? That the arrival of electric trucks means that a portion of the investments will have to be temporarily postponed. The coming-into-effect of zero-emission transport in cities could also have something to do with this. Would you like to know more? Read more about this in the news article, Impending introduction of electric trucks results in postponement of investments, on ing.nl.

#3 Pilot project with e-CMR launched in the Benelux

A three-year pilot project for digital waybills – or e-CMRs – was launched in the Benelux in early March. What are the biggest benefits of this way of working? It saves costs, is safer, and is less susceptible to errors. If the project proves positive, then the e-CMR will be presented to the European Union. Details can be read in the full article at logistiek.nl: Paperless transport in the Benelux is a fact.

#4 First freight train between Amsterdam and China

Approximately one year after the first freight train departed London for China, the first freight train departed Amsterdam in early March heading for the same destination. The route is 11,000 kilometres and takes just 16 days to traverse. The reintroduction of the legendary Silk Route is a fast, cheap, and environmentally friendly alternative to ocean and air freight transport. More details about the direct freight train from Amsterdam can be read in the online article at logistiek.nl: This is the first train from the Port of Amsterdam to China

#5 Package delivery and pickup all-in-one in Amersfoort

Online supermarket Picnic and the Wehkamp e-shop are joining forces: from now on, the residents of Amersfoort will have a single provider to deliver their Picnic groceries and pick up their return packages for Wehkamp at the same time. This efficient combo service allows the companies to highlight their sustainable characters. Are you curious to learn how these e-players put this innovative concept together? Read the article Picnic launches logistics service provision for Wehkamp on twinklemagazine.nl.