WDP News Digest - April 2018

A new month… a new WDP Digest! We have once again collected news items that are not to be missed, upcoming trends, and interesting facts from the logistics world, from innovative bridges to green urban distribution.

#1 First 3D printed bridge for Amsterdam ready

At the beginning of 2019, an innovative bridge will appear at the Amsterdam Wallen. MX3D, an Amsterdam company, 3D printed the handsome design point by point. The bridge is 12.5 metres in length and 6.3 metres in width. Would you like more info? Read the entire article about the 3D printed steel bridge at bright.nl.  

#2 Lorries seem to be more sustainable than delivery vans

In contrast to delivery vans, lorries are increasingly being banned from inner cities because these are believed to be bigger polluters. According to Dutch state secretary Van Veldhoven, this reputation is not correct. In particular, lorries used for urban distribution seem to be more sustainable than delivery vans. Read the entire article about urban distribution with clean lorries at logistiek.nl.

#3 Flemish export and import boomed in 2017

Last year, Flemish companies exported goods to the value of EUR 317 billion, which is 5 percent more than in 2016. It’s a new record, thanks in particular to the chemical and pharmaceutical sector. And, imports in Flanders also increased by 3.12 percent. You can read more details about the new Flemish export and import records at tijd.be.  

#4 Amazon more accessible for international customers

Amazon has made its e-commerce service more accessible for international customers by updating its app. Users can now choose from 5 languages and 25 currencies. Information about shipping, import costs, and customs declarations was also added. Read more about the extension of Amazon’s e-commerce service at techcrunch.com.

#5 XPO Logistics provides customers voice-enabled order tracking

XPO Logistics, one of the largest suppliers of last-mile logistics for heavy goods in North America now also works with voice technology. Customers can track their order during the last mile by simply asking Google Home or Amazon Echo where their goods are located. You can read more details about XPOs implementation of voice technology at logistiek.nl.

#6 Robot T Sort comes to Europe

We close our News Digest with news from the robot world. After conquering the United States and China, Robot T Sort now wants to take on Europe. This sorting robot sorts between 2,000 and 50,000 articles per hour. It independently finds its way to the sorting location and places it load on the correct shelf, rack, or basin. Read more about the impressive T Sort robot at logistiek.nl or watch the video to see it at work.