WDP News Digest - August 2019

This summer was no ‘silly season’ for logistics. It came to our attention that 3D printing, delivery robots and a new app for inland navigation found their way to the logistics sector last month. Click on an article for more details.

#1 Warehouse automation, a good idea?

Wondering what happens when you bring a supply chain specialist, a logistics director, a CEO and a site manager together to talk about robotics and far-reaching warehouse automation? Logistiek.nl did exactly this. The result is an interesting podcast about complete warehouse automation answering the question whether the idea is realistic.

#2 Amazon is sending out more delivery robots

Earlier this year we reported on Amazon's pilot project with an autonomous delivery robot in Seattle. Well, last month that project proved to be successful, because the e-commerce giant is expanding robot delivery to California. More updates about Amazon's autonomous robot delivery can be found on logistiekprofs.nl.

#3 Internet generation challenges supply chain

Today's youth talks to chatbots on a daily basis, can't bear to see a loading icon for more than 3 seconds and expects same-day delivery. Yes, Generation Z - also known as the Internet generation - demands first-class information and goods flows. How the supply chain best addresses the Generation-Z challengeYou can read about it on logistiekprofs.nl.

#4 What does 3D printing do to the supply chain?

3D printing also has a lot to offer to the supply chain. Think of printed spare parts or 3D printing remotely instead of overseas transport. This new technology therefore requires a different approach to production methods and stock management. More about the four effects of using 3D printing in the supply chain can be found on logistiek.nl.

#5 New app promotes pallet transport via inland navigation

Take pallets off the road and onto the water, that's the idea behind Smart Track 4 Waterways, the new app from research centre Multitel. The app provides companies and transporters with real-time tracking information on pallet loads. The creators of this platform hope to simplify multimodal logistics and make inland navigation more attractive. More about the app for multimodal pallet transport can be found on susanova.be.