WDP News Digest - January 2019

Digitisation and return logistics were central to the logistics world during the first month of the new year. Read about which logistics solutions and new trends you should not miss in recent weeks here.

#1 Albert Heijn saves significantly per ride with blockchain

Albert Heijn, Capgemini, Cornelissen, and Kuehne+Nagel joined forces and ventured into a pilot project on paperless transport. And to do this, they relied on blockchain. The result is promising, especially in terms of transport time. Learn more about how AH saves on supply chain costs with blockchain on

#2 L’Oréal counts stock with drone

At cosmetics company L’Oréal, drones are used for inventorying instead of aerial platforms. This makes it safer, faster, and more comfortable for the warehouse workers to complete their inventories. Learn more about L’Oréal’s innovative warehouse drone solution on

#3 Amazon deploys delivery robot Scout

Meet Scout, the self-propelled robot that delivers parcels to Amazon customers. He is blue, the size of a Deliveroo bag, and drives independently to your front door. The first test phase is currently running in Snohomish County in Washington state. Visit to watch how Scout, Amazon’s self-propelled robot, delivers parcels.

#4 Zalando tightens return policy with large label

Every retailer racks its brains when it comes to return logistics. Zalando recently found a simple but efficient solution to reduce the number of returned articles: an eye-catching label. This allows customers to try on the item, but no longer wear it and then return it. Learn more about Zalando’s new eye-catching label on

#5 Wehkamp swaps unwanted Christmas presents at the WisselTruck

Did your Secret Santa give you coal this year? Then you could have swapped your unwanted Christmas present at the Wehkamp WisselTruck in Amersfoort and Haarlem just after Christmas.  The online retailer was aiming this playful marketing campaign primarily at a female target audience. Find out where the Wehkamp WisselTruck took all the Christmas presents it swapped out on