WDP News Digest - July 2018

A new month… a new WDP Digest! We have once again collected news items that are not to be missed, upcoming trends, and interesting facts from the world of logistics, from trailer tracking to the passage of one of the world’s largest container ships.


#1 Trailer tracking, the perfect solution for logistics

We’ve known for a while now that the Internet of Things will have an impact on the transport sector as well. Specifically, this means that trailer tracking could be a solution for the shortage of drivers, cargo thefts, and inefficiency due to delays. Read more about how trailer tracking could be the solution for logistical problems on logistiek.nl.


#2 Amazon is the first solution when the shops are out of stock

According to the American research agency IHL Group, consumers are spending increasingly more money online as a result of out-of-stock products in brick-and-mortar shops. If a consumer doesn’t want to wait two days for his/her order, then he/she will go to the shop. If the product is out of stock there, the consumer will probably go through with his/her order via Amazon. Would you like more info? Discover why customers look to Amazon when the shops are out-of-stock on qz.com.


#3 More coordination with 4C Cross-Chain Control Centers

In a Cross-Chain Control Center, or 4C, flows of goods and information are linked to each other. This ensures that companies that have complementary services can find each other more easily and that companies with the same kinds of activities can collaborate better. Would you like more info? Bas van Bree, 4C program manager, provides more information about 4C Cross-Chain Control Centers on logistiek.nl.


#4 Gross profit: not a priority for real estate investors?

The profit is the most important thing to real estate investors. Although, according to Quentin Vandenhaute from Maxel, it’s not necessarily the profits from the property, but the financial profits from the invested cash that are important. Would you like more info? Visit tijd.be to see what Vandenhaute has to say about why you, as a real estate investor, should not be obsessed with the gross profits.


#5 The Cosco in Antwerp and Rotterdam

One of the world’s largest container ships paid a visit to Antwerp and Rotterdam. On 23 July, the Cosco Shipping Universe sailed from Hamburg to Antwerp, moving on to Rotterdam two days later before ultimately setting a course for China. The ship can hold no less than 21,237 standard containers. You can read more about the Cosco Universe on standaard.be.