WDP News Digest - June 2018

A new month… a new WDP Digest! We have once again collected news items that are not to be missed, upcoming trends, and interesting facts from the world of logistics, from XXL distribution centres to the competitive pressure from Amazon.

#1 Still more XXL distribution centres

XXL distribution centres are popping up like mushrooms all around the Netherlands. This definitely has something to do with the growth in business-to-consumer and e-business. A survey of the 20 largest logistical real estate parties showed that many more mega warehouses will be added in the coming years. A surplus? Not right now. A chance to deal with brownfield? Absolutely. Read more in the full article on the increasing construction of XXL distribution centres on logistiek.nl.


#2 Supermarkets competing against Greenyard

Greenyard faced some major competition in the past year: a battle was being waged in Belgium over the prices of fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets. And in Germany, there is a certain supermarket chain that is buying their fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers now. It’s a financial year that Greenyard’s senior executive Hein Deprez won’t soon forget. Read more about how supermarkets are making it difficult for Greenyard on detijd.be.


#3 Dutch ports growing significantly thanks to container storage

In 2017, 595 million tons were shipped via Dutch ports, no less than 1 percent more than the previous year. This is primarily a result of container storage. Rotterdam also turned out to be easily accessible for large container ships and scores big when it comes to available terminal capacity. Would you like more info? Visit logistiek.nl to read more about how containers made the Dutch ports grow in 2017.


#4 European Parliament votes down a proposal on international freight traffic

It’s no longer a secret that the competition from Eastern European transport companies is significant for Dutch and Belgian companies. New rules for international freight traffic should make the competition fairer. And yet, the proposal came before the European Parliament in early June. That’s good news because now the proposal can be adapted so that ‘equal pay for equal work’ becomes more realistic. Discover more about fair competition in the transport sector on logistiek.nl.


#5 Amazon challenges Colruyt

Colruyt’s lowest price guarantee is being challenged by Amazon. The e-shop is offering many household and personal care products for cheaper prices via its German website. Is that a reason for Colruyt to panic? Not just yet, believes Gino Van Ossel, a marketing professor at the Vlerick Business School. You can read more in the entire article about the battle between Amazon and Colruyt to offer the lowest price on detijd.be.