WDP News Digest - May 2018

A new month… a new WDP Digest! We have once again collected news items that are not to be missed, upcoming trends, and interesting facts from the world of logistics, from staff shortages to flying taxis.

#1 Logistics 4.0 according to founder of RobotXperience

According to Randall van Poelvoorde, the founder of RobotXperience, logistics companies who want to stay apace with Logistics 4.0 often think of robots, 3D printing, blockchain, augmented reality and the IoT. Although, in his opinion, it makes no sense to work solely on the newest technologies, because everything is interconnected. So, what should they do instead? Read about his argument in the full article on how technology is setting the world of logistics on its head at logistiek.nl.

#2 Approximately 80% more employees required for distribution centres

In just two-years' time, the demand for distribution centre employees in the Netherlands has increased by more than 80%. This is primarily a result of super-size warehouses, which are popping up like mushrooms. These centres, after all, are beginning to operate throughout the night in order to process the increasing numbers of webshop orders they receive. Read more about the increasing demand for distribution centre employees in the full article at transport-online.nl.

#3 Virtual Reality as logistical onboarding tool

From now on, new warehouse employees can rest assured. Logistic Workx, a company located in Breda, has launched a training tool based on virtual reality and gamification with which new order pickers and fork-lift drivers can practice their job activities virtually. At logistiek.nl, you can read all about virtual reality as a solution for staff shortages in the field of logistics.

#4 This much we can tell you about Uber's flying taxi

Uber Elevate, the company's flying taxi, continues to take shape. Four new designs were introduced recently at a conference in Los Angeles. The first test drives are planned for 2020 so that these taxis are actually up and running by 2023. While waiting for your ride, discover more about the Uber Elevate at robbreport.com.

#5 Delivering packages via parcel tubing

PostNL has announced that it will deliver packages via an underground network of pneumatic tubes. Orders placed in a webshop will be immediately dropped off at people's homes. And a whole lot of manpower and packaging materials will be spared in the process. Together with Amsterdam Smart City, PostNL is now investigating whether the idea can be tested in Amsterdam. You can read more about parcel tubing at logistiek.nl.