WDP News Digest - November 2018

Logistics news is replete with articles about digitisation and sustainability. And, of course, so does our latest WDP Digest! If you have not yet encountered the unmissable news and emerging trends in the previous month, reading this newsletter will bring you completely up to date.

#1 Why chain collaboration is essential for sustainability

Will sustainability will be implemented faster in the logistics sector if service providers, manufacturers, and customers all work together? With this in mind, Van der Wal Transport started a petition that encourages everyone to put in more effort to achieve the objectives set at the Paris climate conference. More info about chain collaboration affecting sustainable transport can be found at or


#2 The best way to use the New Silk route

The New Silk route bolsters the logistics connection between Europe and China. The railway provides a faster solution compared to maritime transport and is a more economical and especially environmentally friendly alternative to air transport. How to choose? It depends on the product properties and your priorities. provides five tips on how best to use the New Silk Route.


#3 DHL pilot drone project delivers medicines in Africa

Many logistics service providers believe that drones have a future in their sector. So, DHL carried out a pilot project in Africa in the last few months where medicines were delivered by drones. Unfortunately, this promising initiative for the health care sector still has some hurdles to overcome. Read the entire article about the delivery of medicine using DHL drones at


#4 Why opt for smart platooning of lorries

Never heard of platooning? This technology connects lorries are electronically to each other so that the lorries can travel in a convoy. The lead lorry determines the route and the pace. This is a step forward in terms of safety and traffic flow. Not convinced? Read about the impact of platooning on the logistics sector at


#5 The future will see more micro depots and small vehicles in the last mile

The last mile has caused many headaches. The results of a thought experiment were shared in Frankfurt at the Hypermotion mobility expo. Micro warehouses and smarter, cleaner, and smaller vehicles turned out to be top of mind. Read all about the latest last mile solutions at 


#6 Albert Heijn shows off the distribution centre of the future

Want to do about 50% more work with fewer people? That is the intention in Albert Heijn’s new distribution centre. And, the company uses robots to achieve this goal. A few journalists have already examined the distribution centre of the future. A video on reveals the robotised material handling process used by Albert Heijn and the underlying philosophy.