WDP Smart Energy - No investment required?

It’s true – here’s how it works

One of the first questions potential clients ask when they get to know our all-in-one application and what it can do is: “It all sounds very nice, but what will it cost me to get it up and running?”

The price of high-end energy consumption data collection

Well, we can’t blame them. If you found out just how much data you can collect and analyse through WDP Smart Energy – and how that can benefit your company’s energy consumption –, we wouldn’t fault you for assuming that using the platform requires extensive technological investments to get all your resources plugged into the system. But it doesn’t.

Better yet: your initial investment is zero. Getting things going online requires no changes to your existing setup whatsoever. The software needed to collect your data is absolutely free. WDP clients can enjoy the first phase of the underlying nanoGrid platform free of charge and without obligation. For full use of the app, you can upgrade to a paid subscription.

Our in-house data collector

WDP Smart Energy needs nothing more than strategically placed sensors on all your energy metres, from water to electricity and PV installations. All we need to make your application fully operational is a 40-by-40-centimetre patch on a wall to install our tailor-made data logger connected to the sensors.

All the magic happens online

From there on, everything happens online. There’s no need to invest in expensive software or hardware. With just a few simple additions to your existing equipment, you’re all set to experience the full benefits that ground-breaking energy consumption data collection and analysis have to offer. Experience all the advantages of WDP Smart Energy today!