WDP vs corona: 1 - 0 A 'new' way of work

WDP, an employer of the future? We have proven this claim to be true, now even more than ever in this exceptional period. Our priority was our most valuable resource, #TeamWDP. A new corporate culture ensured that the whole team continued to face the challenges of the past period.

Below you can find an insight into how WDP adapted to the new professional and private realities - without compromising the success of our clients and our own business strategy. Or how the corona crisis caused big changes and small gestures within WDP, because these often make the biggest difference.

Six ways WDP made a difference as an employer


The last thing anyone needs, when faced with one of the most contagious pandemics the world has ever seen, is a sense of insecurity. That is why our CEO personally updated all employees, reassuring them that WDP is extremely financially robust and that all measures have been taken to secure their livelihoods.

Not one #TeamWDP member has lost their job due to the crisis; no one has had to enrol in the temporary unemployment scheme – unless they chose to do so themselves. Everyone who wanted to keep working was able to do so in a way that aligned with their private life and capabilities – a commitment the company has upheld throughout.

TeamWDP Digital meeting


From the moment we felt that the impact of the health crisis was inevitable, we quickly adapted all our IT systems to facilitate work from home for all our employees. Everyone worked hard to create a way of working that maximized productivity throughout the crisis, without putting too much strain on people’s mental health or private life.


Management has been in constant contact with all team members, day in, day out. There are daily Skype meetings; a lot of effort goes into creating moments of more informal contact, and every team has a weekly catch-up meeting, just to check in on everyone. HR has made sure that weekly health updates were available, contacting all team leaders to see if anyone was affected by the virus – and how we could help.

What’s more, HR has remained in close contact with all WDP branches. We’ve sent out continuous updates on company news, health topics and current developments so that the entire group could stay up-to-speed at all times. And of course we are also currently working on a reboarding programme.

Oh, and let’s not forget the regular e-peritivo, a digital aperitif designed to maintain that unique sense of togetherness so fundamental to #TeamWDP.


Since WDP is active in Belgium, The Netherlands and Romania, we rolled out tailored strategies for each country. Not every country has been evenly affected at the same time, or even implemented the same strategies to tackle the crisis, so our employees needed the right support for their specific situation.

Based on the government guidelines and health status of each individual country, we have adapted our own measures accordingly. Of course, the feedback of our own employees has played an essential part in all decision making. When tackling a crisis of this magnitude, no one can be left behind.


As we said, big plans are vital for any business to handle exceptional challenges – but it’s the small gestures that really show that people matter.

Well, we decided to take it one step further: our yearly Easter present to #TeamWDP was tweaked to match the unique situation. Every one of our employees received a personalized gift from our CEO and management, delivered to their doorstep: flowers in the Netherlands, an exciting after-work box in Belgium, and a basket filled with sweets in Romania.



Last but not least, we have launched a voluntary WDP Coronavirus Relief Initiative supporting several charities fighting this new virus. The members of our board of directors took the lead, by contributing 15% of their Q2 2020 remuneration to the charity. Part of the contributions were set aside for use in the event that anyone in #TeamWDP should be severely affected by COVID19.

On route towards the new normal

Needless to say, the challenges we are currently facing will not simply go away. When we return to normal, it will be a new normal, with a new understanding of working together, workplace organization, and client contact.

To make sure that everyone is on the same page when the economy picks up again, WDP is working hard on a strategy update, to make sure that our safety, health and business strategies for the future all align.