WDP vs corona: 2 - 0 Investment strategy on point

WDP cannot operate without a close-knit team, so we’ve launched a new way of working for #TeamWDP in response to the lockdown. We have also been able to secure both our current and future investments in the meantime. Read on for a brief update.

Keeping current investments on course...

As a highly trusted and financially sound company, we were able to guarantee clients crucial continuity with our ongoing investment programmes.

In Q1 2020, WDP was still able to deliver over €130 million worth of projects. And with €466 million worth of projects still in progress, we are ensuring that our clients get what they deserve: innovative logistic real estate solutions to give them a head start on tomorrow’s market.

... without walking back on future investments

It goes without saying that the cornerstone of any successful company is its ability to strategize for the future. That is exactly why WDP has rolled out an investment programme worth over €600 million for 2020/2021.

Those plans haven’t changed one bit, despite the current global challenges. This programme will ensure that WDP remains the steadfast go-to partner for logistics real estate.


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