WDP vs corona: Our ‘new’ recruitment strategy

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But how about our future colleagues?

For an ambitious business such as WDP, new talent is a crucial element of our company strategy. Even in times of lockdown due to a worldwide health crisis, our HR team has succeeded in attracting and welcoming new talent, all as a result of four best practices:

1. Flexibility as the key to success

First of all, our HR operations adapted to the new reality in the field: all vacancies were divided into different categories. Which positions can be filled with new entrants in these exceptional circumstances? Which profiles require intensive training and depend on frequent contact with customers? We refined our approach on the basis of these categories. The new system guarantees maximum continuity for all ongoing interviews and recruitment processes.

 Since the lockdown started, we have successfully filled three vacancies.

2. HR’s digital leap forward

All recruitment activities are continuing during this crisis. Potential employees can still expect an invitation to an initial digital interview, if their CV has made it through the first screening stage.

Since the lockdown started, this digital recruitment process has resulted in a digitally signed contract for no fewer than three candidates. Depending on the exact details of the exit strategy, future WDP employees will also receive a digital contract and be welcomed at WDP’s headquarters — subject to the social distancing rules, of course.

3. New job site for talent

On top of that, the #TeamWDP jobsite has been given a complete makeover. Candidates can use this site to find out everything they need to know about the recruitment journey, from the interview process to the latest onboarding procedures. Everything is available digitally to anyone who wants to hit the ground running as part of #TeamWDP.

Of course, our HR team remains fully available to answer any questions about vacancies, procedures and onboarding.

4. #TeamWDP, an exceptional team of talents

Our true nature is revealed in times of crisis, and the same applies to businesses and employers. WDP has performed exceptionally during this crisis, at every level of the company. We are immensely proud of all of our employees, and we’d like to dedicate this article to #TeamWDP as a reminder of what we’re capable of when we all pull together.

If you’d like to become part of #TeamWDP, take a look at our vacancies and apply online!