What’s Driving Growth in Logistics @SEE Property Forum 2022

October 25 marks the date of the 2022 edition of the SEE Property Forum organized in Bucharest, Romania, at Radisson Blu Hotel. Gijs Klomp, Business Development Manager WDP Romania, is ready to share his perspective on the way the supply chain is transforming, approaching the latest topics that are currently moving the industry.


Reaching new heights – What’s driving growth in logistics?

As a strategic response to the current supply chain model, more and more companies are turning to nearshoring. In addition, over the past few years, the impact of an escalating series of trade disruptions pushed companies to switch to friend-shoring, in this way making sure that they continue to securely operate also in the context of events that were perceived as impossible until recently. Find out more about these topics directly from Gijs.

It’s not a surprise that Romania is an emerging SEE logistics hub – by attending the event you’ll get the chance to find out more about the company’s development plans in the local market. The pros and cons of sale and leasebacks, alongside sustainability in the high energy cost environment represent another two topics that will also be approached, as they highly influence the current supply chain model. Make sure you don’t miss out Gijs’ speech, you’ll get the best overview of what’s driving growth in logistics!


SEE Property Forum

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