This is what occupies the mind of Mariëtta van Wijk, director Business & Legal at WDP

Every morning, Mariëtta van Wijk drives from her house in Amsterdam to WDP’s office in Breda to do her job as Director Business & Legal Nederland. She told us what she likes about working at WDP, what keeps her going in her job and in her life.

Work hard and have fun

After being an external consultant for WDP for seven years, Mariëtta actually got on board at WDP as Director Business & Legal Nederland. “I am responsible for the legal department and co-responsible for business development”, says Mariëtta. “I am managing various construction projects and I am involved at practically every stage. We work with a close-knit team and in a dynamic working environment. Yes, we work really hard but we also laugh a lot.”

Perseverance and exploiting opportunities

“After work I really enjoy doing sports”, states Mariëtta. “For instance, I have been playing tennis for twenty years. A nice sport, and I value both the social and the competitive aspect. I play tennis matches every Sunday. It’s all about exploiting opportunities and persevering, things that I also encounter as Director Business & Legal on a daily basis.”

Sustainability is number one

“As a mother of three I find it important to think of the future and sustainability should therefore be our number one priority. At WDP, we are putting solar panels on the roofs of all our distribution centres to achieve this. By now there are hundreds of thousands of solar panels! Definitely something to be proud of.”


Check this video to learn more about Mariëtta!