Willy Naessens Group's vision on the future of logistics

The logistics sector is in full bloom, but it also faces major challenges. Just think of the technological evolution or the busy roads. We asked Luc Ysebaert, commercial director at Willy Naessens Group, what their vision of the future is. 

Willy Naessens Group is looking for a challenge beyond national borders

“In Belgium, Willy Naessens Group is a very well-known name,” says Luc Ysebaert. “We hope to build that great image beyond national borders. This international focus is an opportunity for us to guarantee our continuity and growth. The different rules, laws and circumstances will also be a challenge, just as the machinery choices and implementation methods will be.”

Mobility problems are restricting logistics growth in Belgium

The international focus of Belgian entrepreneurs seems a logical step considering the growth of Belgium as a traffic node. “Today, the logistics sector is evolving very quickly, but in my opinion, mobility will become a major problem. How much future interest will there be in Belgium in the face of ever-increasing traffic jams? The logistics sector and government leaders face a major challenge to find a good solution to this problem.”


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